Mamas on a Mission to STAND UP and FIGHT the Mental Health industry!!!
Mental Health!  What does that bring to mind?
It could be filling your cup so you can fill others, your emotional cup, emotional well-being.
It could be anxiety, depression and all that goes with that!  Psychiatric care.
For me it goes a deeper.  I think of someone with severe emotional needs, perhaps hospitalization.  
I think of the fight for someone to get mental health services.  What kind of services do they need.  Maybe they don't meet criteria down one path, but yet they still need help and services!  Where do they take their next steps??
I am inspiring Mamas to come together!  Brainstorm, Collaborate and Disrupt the Mental Health industry!!!

Life Line Mamas

Are you a Mama of someone with Special Needs?  Are you looking for resources for Special Needs?

Choose Your Mission!!!

Go Getter Mamas

Mamas who are entrepreneurs!!  The may have a small business or large team!!!  Which ever the case, they are Mamas and are looking for resources and also provide a resource!!

Supporting Partners

How to create a path that liberates not only you, but your spouse... and even your whole family (and the #1 reason most people don't do this!)

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