Mamas MAD at Mental Health so we can STAND UP and FIGHT the Mental Health industry!!!  Mamas Making a Difference!!
Mental Health!  What does that bring to mind?
It could be filling your cup so you can fill others, your emotional cup, emotional well-being.
It could be anxiety, depression and all that goes with that!  Psychiatric care.
For me it goes a deeper.  I think of someone with severe emotional needs, perhaps hospitalization.  
I think of the fight for someone to get mental health services.  What kind of services do they need.  Maybe they don't meet criteria down one path, but yet they still need help and services!  Services to keep themselves... and others safe!! 
Where do they take their next steps??
What if someone does not fit the typical mold?
I am inspiring Mamas to come together!  Brainstorm, Collaborate and Disrupt the Mental Health industry!!!

My Story

I am a Mama to three "Kids" with Special Needs.  All 3 are adults and we are navigating the adult world of Mental Health with Developmental Delays.

My oldest began showing signs of mental illness when he was about 7 years old.  He has been in and out of hospitals, and time in a residential facility.  He is now an adult and I struggle to find services and resources for him as an adult with a childlike delay.  

My youngest is going through some strong emotions. At the moment he does not meet criteria for hospitalization, however we need support to manage behaviors than can lead to physical aggression.   We call for CIT ( Crisis Intervention Training ) officers.  There is only so much they can do.   We utilize our local psychiatric care facility, which means meds and support there.

This photo was taken after a big meltdown, we both had big emotions earlier that day.  My son grabbed my hand as we were walking together! My heart melted!! This photo speaks so much to me!!

I hear of moms and dads whose kids are getting very physically aggressive with the parents.  These parents struggle finding help for their child.  Sometimes when they want to get residential, they have to give up rights to the child.  

WHY is that???

We need help navigating these behaviors and emotions.
We need to come together and STAND UP and FIGHT for our kids!!

© Tammie Taylor