Jumpstart and Take Control of YOUR Day
Do you ever feel this way??

So you go to make phone calls or
Get ready to send out emails for business, or even a dreaded personal email.

You have your least favorite chore you keep putting off.

What is stopping you??
What is holding you back?

Is it FEAR of what they think? Fear of what to say? PROCRASTINATION??

Or in setting that health appt,  will the doctors find something?  Car or House repair.  How much will it set you  back financially??

I would like to introduce you to Mel Robbins!!

I've seen her in person!
Watched her on TV and 
started reading... well listening.. to her new BEST SELLER   "The High 5 Habit"
She is also the author of "The 5 Second Rule!"

So I decided to try this!
The encouragement of giving yourself a High Five is AMAZING!!!

Mel goes into the science and why this works.

This morning I shared this with my son.  I'm going to continue as well as the rest of our family!!

I had him come to the bathroom to brush his teeth.,  I said let me know when your finished.

When he was done, I told him to look in the mirror at himself, look into his eyes and say "High 5, You did it, You brushed your teeth!!"

He left the bathroom all smiley!!  It was great!!

So I'm just starting this and already feel EMPOWERED and like I can accomplish things!!  I cant wait to hear more!!

My outlook is positive!!  

Check out Mel's book  "The High 5 Habit"
conquer that Fear and Procrastination
and give yourself a High 5!! 
Big Wins and Small Ta Das count!!

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