Peace in the Chaos

Peace in the Chaos

Are you a mom?  Do you have one child or multiple children? Do you have children with Special Needs?  

I am a mom of three children.  My children were born of the heart.  I feel very blessed that God called me to care for these three children.

With the Joys of raising these children comes the valleys of tough times as well.  We have had our share of tears, shouts of frustration and heartaches.

During our JOURNEY, we learned about the Autism Spectrum.  We were introduced to Mental Illness.  We had to journey through Rare Genetic Disorders and Seizures.  Along with them come Behaviors and Meltdowns.   Our home is often Chaotic.

Chaotic with a child, I feel like I walk on eggshells with. Chaos of, will we have a meltdown Explosion today!??

In this Chaos, I find Peace with my Savior, Jesus Christ.  He is my ANCHOR in this Storm.

One of my favorite songs is Casting Crowns, “Praise You in This Storm!”  

(I do not own the rights to this song!)

One day after having to admit my son once again to the psychiatric hospital, I was driving home.  I was praying, crying out!  I was frustrated, wanted help for my son.  This song comes on the radio.  It really spoke to me.  My tears fell harder.

Praise God in the Storm!  He sees you!  He holds your tears!!  He is with YOU!!

This Journey, This Storm, This Life is not easy!  It definitely has its highs.  It also has the lows.  

Psalm 62:6-7 - "He only is my ROCK and my SALVATION; He is my DEFENSE; I shall not be moved. In God is my Salvation and my Glory; The ROCK of my Strength, AND my REFUGE, is in God!!"

Do you know Jesus?  Do you have a ROCK to lean on your storm?  If not, call out to Him.  If you need guidance through this, reach out to me.  

I’m not saying it will be all rainbows and butterflies, but …. 

I know I can’t manage this Journey without Him.

Are you VENTING??? 5 Resources to Build Your Community

Are you VENTING???    5 Resources to Build Your Community

Do you have someone you can vent to?  Do you keep your emotions inside, building up?


If you are like me, you have a lot of stressors going on.  You have several irons in the fire.  You have LOTS of emotions!!


Yes!! I’m talking to YOU!!  How do you handle your stressors?  How do you cope with the emotions?


Do you have someone you can vent to? If you are a single mom or a mom that is single because dad is away often, finding someone to confide in is sooo important!!


If you are a Special Needs Mom, married or single, it is more important to connect with other moms that understand what you are going through!


I have a group of friends that “get it”?   While some don’t know exactly what I’m going through, they know!  They understand!


I have five resources for building a community for yourself!


Join a Special Needs Bible Study!!   This is a great way to get into God’s Word and support each other at the same time.  You can pray for and encourage one another, building a bond!   I know of a Bible Study in the KC area (Overland Park, KS) that is going on on Tues nights!  More info about Grace Church in Overland Park is  Here


Join a Special Needs Support Group!! -  This can be Christian based at a church or on your own.  Some churches support the SN Community and they will have a support group in place.  The church I attend has a SN support group that meets the 3rd Sunday of the month!!   They also have a respite night for parents of SN Kids and the siblings as well!  Check out Abundant Life Here!!!

Have lunch / connect with a friend on a regular basis!!  I love this!!  I love to fellowship with other moms. Have coffee, breakfast or lunch.  Heck - Who are we kidding!!   FOOD!!!  Check out the Smoothie Recipe at the bottom!! Set up a once a month, once a week time.  You can also meet over Zoom, which in some respects may be easier for a mom to connect!!  I'm also in a group that meets to play Bunco!! 


Start a Group - If you are not sure if there is a resource available in your area, check out churches.  Start a group, meet in your home or a neutral place.  Definitely look to connect with other moms/ parents.  Check out this book you can do a study with or connect with other moms!!  It's a book about a Mom's Journey learning her child has Special Needs!!  


Join my Community FB group!!  I have a group of other moms who are on a Chaotic Journey!  Come check it out here. The group is called Finding Pockets of Peace on a Chaotic Journey!!  I put tips, resources, and encouragement in there!!!

Smoothie Recipe
1 cup of Almond Milk (or other liquid)
2 oz of Ningxia Red (My fave super Juice)
1 scoop of Pure Protein Complete (choc or van)
1 or 2 drops of YL Vitality EO's  (optional) 

Blend til smooth and Enjoy!!!

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